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Tomahawk Shredders securely destroys sensitive documents and papers of all sorts in Southern Colorado in a discreet, safe and extremely efficient manner. Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes of our time, and there seems to be no end to the new and unconventional methods that criminals can devise for their attacks on our privacy. However, one of the easiest things we can all do toward combatting this threat is, at the very least, to stop placing our private information into our garbage cans where it can so easily be found and reassembled. This is why Tomahawk Shredders came into being with its unique hammermill method of processing, rather than the outdated cross-cut shredding that some other companies provide.

Our hope is that after you have read about our services and pricing, you will decide that Tomahawk Shredders is the company for you. We are proud to live in Canon City and intent on upholding our company's belief in the small town approach to business and in our customers' continued importance to us, now and throughout the years to come. We would like to be able to include your residence and/or your business in our fight against this too often occurring identity theft problem we all face today. We service large organizations that have huge amounts of papers to be shredded, as well as smaller residential customers who may only have a box or two. The need is all the same---to have one's personal and informationally sensitive paperwork disposed of in a secure, confidential and final manner.

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